Saideh Ghods
Maryam’s secret

How can we learn from people that have no expectations? This talk reveals the secret that only a mother can find.Saideh Ghods launched an NGO to help children with cancer.

Kaveh Madani
Water: Think Again

 WATER. It’s the most essential and pervasive element of life. Yet, nearly half of humanity will face water scarcity by 2030 due to climate change and population growth. What can be done about the looming crisis of a global drought? Could water scarcity spark war as world leaders have already predicted? In this bold and hopeful TEDx talk, Kaveh Madani shares a different approach to the water crisis, one that promotes thinking and possibilities as fresh as clean water.

Dr. Kaveh Madani is a systems analyst, game theorist, and engineering and policy educator who investigates the dynamic complexities of coupled human-natural systems. In the classroom and beyond, Dr. Madani reminds diverse audiences that real-world environmental and societal problems are often very different from classroom intuition. Dr. Madani is a featured expert across prominent media and a professor at Imperial College of London.

Gary Lewis
Human Security

We should focus on Human Security. In this powerful talk, Gary Lewis shares how the essential point about human security is that it shifts focus away from the traditional preoccupation of “national security” – which is the state – and places it on people – on individuals.

Gary Lewis – a native of Barbados – has served with the United Nations for over 27 years in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. He is currently the UN Resident Coordinator in Iran. In this capacity he is responsible for the UN’s work in the priority areas of poverty, health, environment, disaster mitigation, drug control and refugees.

Kat Khosrowyar
Empowering Women Through Sports

Football is a universal language. While having to play with the hijab, Iranian women found a way to pursue their dreams and be more determined to win.

American born-Iranian living the tales of two lives; one as a chemical engineer and the other exploring the world through football. This game it is a symbol of peace and encounters team-work, discipline and leadership. Her journey started when she moved to Iran from the U.S.A at 17 and was selected as a national team player of a country where female team sports was thought to be sacrilegious, but it turned to be the complete opposite.

Rick Gunn
Iran, America, and the Wheels of Peace

What people from different apparent culture have in common? How we are looking to build peace in the same way. In this poignant talk Rick Gunn shares a journey of two men who found each other and discovered the wheels of peace.

Rick Gunn is an award winning photographer, writer, adventurer and motivational speaker based in the U.S. His work has appeared in countless books, websites and publications including, Adventure Sports Journal, Adventure Cyclist, Wend, USA Today, People, and The New York Times.