Barmak Heshmat
Persian tips for reaching the tipping point

Barmak Heshmat, a researcher and futurist explores in this opening short talk for TEDxKish three short tips to get a sense for the concept of tipping point.

Dr. Barmak Heshmat received his Ph.D. at the University of Victoria in 2013 and his M. Sc. and B.Sc. at the Isfahan University of Technology in 2006 and 2008 respectively. He then joined the Camera culture group at MIT media lab as postdoc associate. His research covers a wide range of topics in optics and photonics in which he has published 13 papers and filed 5 patents. Dr. Heshmat has given numerous invited public talks on technologies and their future; these include “Business of invisibles” at TEDxUVic “Before your immortality” at Boston Convention center and “Future of imaging” at TEDxBeaconstreet. He is also currently the producer and host of the channel “Future Avenues.”

Sam Kavanagh
The art of experiencing life

In this epic talk, Sam Kavanagh shares how we can learn to define the world from our own sensory elements so that we define the framework under which we can be innovative.

A para Olympic US team member, Sam Kavanagh – an avalanche survivor and amputee-was an explorer at a young age. Yet it was only after clinging to life’s last breaths, trapped in a remote wilderness, that he recognized what it meant to experience life. His dedication to experiencing life by exploring the World’s tastes, sights, smells, touches and sounds has led to a deeper emotional connection with his surroundings and how he aspires to influence them.

Kat Khosrowyar
Empowering Women Through Sports

Football is a universal language. While having to play with the hijab, Iranian women found a way to pursue their dreams and be more determined to win.

American born-Iranian living the tales of two lives; one as a chemical engineer and the other exploring the world through football. This game it is a symbol of peace and encounters team-work, discipline and leadership. Her journey started when she moved to Iran from the U.S.A at 17 and was selected as a national team player of a country where female team sports was thought to be sacrilegious, but it turned to be the complete opposite.

Rick Gunn
Iran, America, and the Wheels of Peace

What people from different apparent culture have in common? How we are looking to build peace in the same way. In this poignant talk Rick Gunn shares a journey of two men who found each other and discovered the wheels of peace.

Rick Gunn is an award winning photographer, writer, adventurer and motivational speaker based in the U.S. His work has appeared in countless books, websites and publications including, Adventure Sports Journal, Adventure Cyclist, Wend, USA Today, People, and The New York Times.

Ali Bouzari
Flavor: The ultimate status update

What is the tipping point of Taste? This is question that is masterfully answered by Ali Bouzari who shares how our understanding of the world and life is intertwined with flavor.

Ali Bouzari is the Chief Science Officer and a Co-Founder of Pilot R+D, a culinary development company based in northern California. As a culinary scientist, he has the ability to translate complex scientific concepts and esoteric culinary ideas into language that is approachable and accessible.

Sabeen Ali
Your Tipping Point

This talk was prepared to be given by video during TEDxKish. It was not shown due to technical difficulties, but was intended to be one of the presentations during the event. This talk is by Sabeen Ali, the CEO and co-founder of Angel Hack, and an inspired women and mother.


Rostam Zafari
The Finest Fury

This Talk was prepared to be given by video during TEDxKish. It was not shown due to technical difficulty, but was intended to be one of the presentations during the event. This talk is by Rostam Zafari, a student at Emory University, and Cyrus Prize winner.