Gloria Ai
In pursuit of completeness

Glorai Ai explores how the constant pursuit of success and glory in life need to be based on a sense of focus and strength throughout the journey, and believing that a good ending will come as times goes by… to feel completeness in life.

Gloria Ai is a broadcast personality, host, and the founder of iAsk Media. She is the producer and host of three weekly programs, and a frequent moderator at high-level business and leadership summits including the World Economic Forum and the Boao Forum for Asia.

David Delgado
Imagination drives exploration

Ideas are the children of our knowledge and dreams. In this talk, David Delgado unveils the relationship between knowledge and imagination and how they nurture each other.

David Delgado is an artist, designer and educator with a passion to develop experiences that celebrate the wonders of the natural world and the human condition. His current pursuit is to explore the shifting landscape between knowledge and imagination, as a way to access insight, creativity and wisdom. He is a team member of The Studio at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and works as an independent artist in Los Angeles.

Tralance Addy
The imperative of doing

How can we elevate people out of poverty through creativity and innovation? Maybe the answer lies in how to capture ingenuity beyond innovations and help people to “do things.”

Growing up in Ghana, where he received his early education, Tralance developed a strong interest in technology and became engaged in social action while in secondary school.  As a student and later a technology developer and entrepreneurial executive executive in both corporate and start-up organizations in the United States, he has continued that engagement, with a focus on direct action to address the issues of poverty around the world through technology and creative business models.   He is an inventor,  holding many U.S. and international patents.

Xavier Herve
Innovation acceleration: a people story

Beyond traditional education and research, universities could become the new hub for accelerating innovation on a large scale.

Xavier Hervé is a dedicated supporter of the Concordia University community and a strong believer in multidisciplinary research. He founded District 3, an innovation centre that brings together student and alumni entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines. He says “Crafting, creating and engineering a better world is your mission. Combine perseverance, alignment of emotions, true leaders around you, a global perspective, and your team will bring you the heaven of innovation.”

Bassam Tariq
Learning not to forget

The editing room floor is filled with powerful scenes that never make the final film. What does that mean? Do we do the same with our own lives?

Bassam Tariq is a TED fellow and the director of the film THESE BIRDS WALK. He is a contributor for The New Yorker, Time Magazine and Huffington Post. He is currently working on his next film in Texas. His talk deals with the moments (pictures + movies) we never share and how the imperfect frames can sometimes tell us so much more about us than those that we choose to share.

Saideh Ghods
Maryam’s secret

How can we learn from people that have no expectations? This talk reveals the secret that only a mother can find.Saideh Ghods launched an NGO to help children with cancer.

Kaveh Madani
Water: Think Again

 WATER. It’s the most essential and pervasive element of life. Yet, nearly half of humanity will face water scarcity by 2030 due to climate change and population growth. What can be done about the looming crisis of a global drought? Could water scarcity spark war as world leaders have already predicted? In this bold and hopeful TEDx talk, Kaveh Madani shares a different approach to the water crisis, one that promotes thinking and possibilities as fresh as clean water.

Dr. Kaveh Madani is a systems analyst, game theorist, and engineering and policy educator who investigates the dynamic complexities of coupled human-natural systems. In the classroom and beyond, Dr. Madani reminds diverse audiences that real-world environmental and societal problems are often very different from classroom intuition. Dr. Madani is a featured expert across prominent media and a professor at Imperial College of London.

Gary Lewis
Human Security

We should focus on Human Security. In this powerful talk, Gary Lewis shares how the essential point about human security is that it shifts focus away from the traditional preoccupation of “national security” – which is the state – and places it on people – on individuals.

Gary Lewis – a native of Barbados – has served with the United Nations for over 27 years in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. He is currently the UN Resident Coordinator in Iran. In this capacity he is responsible for the UN’s work in the priority areas of poverty, health, environment, disaster mitigation, drug control and refugees.

Omid Scheybani
Breaking the Habit of Smalltalk

Smalltalk is a broken concept that disregards the vast potential that lies in these first encounters. What if we could redefine the way we meet each other and how we initiate conversations?

Born in Germany to Iranian parents, Omid works with Google in charge of strategic cloud computing partnerships throughout Latin America. He is a world traveller and storyteller.

Simon Broughton
Can Music Save the World?

How various culture around the world have harnessed the transformative power of music? Can Music Save the World? It can probably change it by creating a place where conversations and discoveries can happen, by sharing the essence of our humanity.

Simon Broughton is a freelance writer and film maker who has been exploring the music of the world for over 30 years. He studied classical music, but began to feel that world music is a lot more connected to real life. For television, he’s made documentaries in countries including Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Syria, Russia, and Afghanistan. On radio he’s made programmes in Mali, Korea, Iran, Egypt and many other places besides. In print, he’s co-editor of the Rough Guide to World Music (Penguin) and has edited Songlines, the world music magazine since it launched in 1999.