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Ali Sahebi
The simple power of Choice Theory

Ali Sahebi says that we can become the captain of our own ship. Using personal examples and illustrative story, Sahebi shows us how to take charge of our actions and subsequently, how to find more effective control over our own life , become the person we want to be. Ali Sahebi is senior Faculty of […]

Shirin Gerami
The future of everything

Life is that loving light that connects our hearts together. In this very personal talk, Shirin Gerami travels within the deep meaning of love and how it makes us all one. Shirin Gerami is an iranian Triathlete. She claims to be an ordinary girl, in love with this world and everything that makes it.

Hossein Vahabzadeh
The school of nature

Maybe the first school to attend for youngsters – and adults – is the school of nature. The ecologist Hossein Vahabzadeh left a higher education career to open his ‘Nature School’ for primary students teaching them practical learning and creativity.

Samantha Fletcher
The importance of talking to strangers

What if travels was redefined, what if we all travelled like immigrants and felt the places we visited like locals. This is an exploration to discover the power of talking to strangers. Samantha Fletcher Weinberg was born in London in 1966 to South African parents. She has a degree in Economics from the University of […]

Gesine Thomson
Exploring the mind

Gesine Thomson, one of the leading female architect gives an interview on how we could explore our mind, and find out how we are part of one and same. Gesine is a world renowned Architect and large scale Community Planner, Author, Artist, Poet and Philosopher. Founder of the World Consciousness Center. Gesine loves to look Behind the […]

Nadereh Chamlou
Iran at the center of a Silk Road renaissance

The Silk Road was the oldest and longest trade route of the World. A new born silk road is shaping up and women have a large place in it. Nadereh Chamlou is an international development advisor. Prior, she was Senior Advisor at the World Bank, where, in her 33+ year career, she held technical, managerial, […]

Fraidon Korangy
Living amongst 76m artists

Fraidon Korangy explains how he realized Art can be a survival tool from ancient times to now! Fred (Fraidon) Korangy is a serial entrepreneur who has studied Economics, Management and Finance in the US.  He lived and worked in the USA for 40 years and came back to live in Iran 4 years ago.  Fred […]