TEDxKish 2018 – MOMENTUM

For all good ideas whose time has come, we cherish them and wish to experience them fully. As a society we embrace innovation, progress, and collaborative engagement in making our lives richer. As we reach momentum we want to conserve it and keep its movement uninterrupted. We are celebrating the Iranian momentum that we are witnessing everywhere in the world. We are exploring the bold ideas that will create continuous shift in how we think, live and work.


Why Join TEDxKish?

At TEDxKish we will gather to celebrate and share the Iranian culture and its innovative spirit with the rest of the world. Our hope is to bring Iran to the world, and the world to Iran. You will experience an infusion of new ideas and explore dynamic perspectives. Join us to inspire and share the power of innovative ideas and become a part of our diverse community of influencers, thought leaders and change makers.

Kish International Convention Center

  • Sahel Blvd., Kish Island, Iran

  • contact@tedxkish.com

  • The date of the next event will be announced shortly!